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Drop-in Meditation Classes -Sheffield

Main Class with Kelsang Lekchog

Day & Time

Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm



Course level

Suitable for all levels.

Here are some frequently asked questions



Class fee

Drop in class Booking is not requier
£6 per class or 5 for £25 (pre purchase here)



Overcoming Stress & Frustration
April 29 – 23 May

Term break May 24 – June 2

Letting go of Anxiety
June 3 – June 28 

Letting go of Mental Busyness
July 1 – July 19

Summer Break – Classes resume in early Sept


The Resident Teacher at Kadampa Mediation Centre. Lekchog has received many teachings from Venerable Geshe Kelsang and has been a student of the Special Teacher Training programme for many years. Her warmth and kindness show in her teachings, and she is able to explain clearly Buddha’s profound teachings in a way suitable for everyone.

New series Taught by Buddhist nun Kelsang Dragden

Start on the 17th of January


Introduction to Buddhism drop in classes

Thursday night 7.30- 8:30pm – cost £4.50
No need to book – just drop in at any point in the course

If we train in meditation our mind will gradually become more and more peaceful and we shall experience purer and purer forms of happiness. Eventually we shall able to stay happy all the time, even in the most difficult circumstances.
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. 

During this course you will receive clear explanations of a collection of Buddha’s teachings called Kadam Lamrim, a powerful series of practical meditations that bring life into balance through learning to view situations in a positive and inspiring way, and that eventually leads along the entire path to enlightenment. You will be gently guided through these instructions and through learning to meditate with a light, flexible mind, gradually you will experience their helpful results.
Some of the topics examined in this include recognising the preciousness of our human life, what our death means, Buddhist refuge, past and future lives, the law of actions and their effects (karma), the cycle of life and its various sufferings (samsara), how to improve and deepen our love and kind heart, understanding and generating our compassionate nature, Buddhas wisdom teachings on ultimate truth – how things actually exist as opposed to how they appear.
Meditation connects us to our mind’s extraordinary potential for peace, happiness, love and wisdom. This potential is our Buddha nature, our potential for enlightenment. Meditation puts us in touch with this possibility. We recognize enlightenment not as just imaginary, but as something real that we can tap into in our daily life.
The classes consist of guided meditations, teaching, discussion with Q&A .


The way in which we present meditation and Buddhism is accessible to everyone. We offer practical advice as well as methods and techniques that can easily be integrated into daily life. We provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. When you arrive, a volunteer will register you before the class and direct you to the meditation space. Normally before class some announcements will be made.

Our experienced teachers are male or female, lay or ordained (Buddhist monk or nun). They will begin with an introduction, and guide a breathing meditation to help settle your mind. They will then give a teaching based on the topic of the class, with clear and logical explanations using examples and analogies.

An important characteristic of Modern Buddhism is to present Dharma teachings as personal advice that can be integrated into daily life. The intention of the teachings and guided meditations is to help you develop peaceful, clear and positive states of mind. This will help you develop your own inner wisdom, so that you can solve your daily problems and enjoy a more meaningful life.

Depending on the class, there will be either another guided meditation or a discussion with the opportunity to ask questions and clarify doubts.

All of our activities are run by volunteers, and we are a registered charity. The class and course fees help cover the costs of running the Centre.

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