Actions for happiness:

8 steps to a happy life.

 Term dates – Wed Sept 8th  – Wed Dec 15th

Now available as In-Person class (booking required)

This feature class with Kelsang Lekchog covers a wide range of engaging Buddhist topics.

In this series of classes clear methods are simply presented for transforming all life’s difficulties into valuable spiritual insights, for improving our relationships, and for bringing greater patience, empathy and compassion into our daily life. These methods have inspired generations of Buddhist practitioners for almost a thousand years, and brought lasting peace, inspiration and serenity to countless people. The New 8 Steps to Happiness is a detailed and practical explanation of one of Buddhism’s best-loved teachings, Eight Verses of Training the Mind, by the great Bodhisattva, Langri Tangpa. This incredible text explains step by step, how to deepen our happiness and peace from within.  Each session we will understand and meditate on one of the essential steps.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn on how to develop and strengthen authentic love and compassion and to transform all our daily situations into opportunities for spiritual growth.

You do not need to be a Buddhist to attend these Buddhist meditation classes and they are attended by people from all walks of life. The classes include two guided meditations and a talk that relates to the basic teachings of Kadampa Buddhism.

This is a practical based course where practices and methods will be explained enabling you to establish the internal tools to bring about positive inner transformation. Suitable for beginners and everyone welcome.

Day / Time

Tuesday to Friday 11am
Fri 8am

Course level

Suitable for everyone




KMC Sheffield
685-691 Ecclesall Road
S11 8TG

These FREE meditation classes are based upon the Living Meditation series.  The Living Meditation Series provides a comprehensive introduction to meditation, offering guidance at all levels for developing and deepening your meditation practice. Learn meditations to relax body and mind, find inner peace, achieve mental clarity, and develop a kind and compassionate attitude towards others. 

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Led by qualified Kadampa teachers