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No Classes this week. Restarting W/C 1st June

Special offer!
Get access to all classes and guided meditations for 4 weeks from 1st June to 28th June for £20. 
This will include 2 workshops during the month. Click here to purchase

A Journey to Peace 

This series of Mediation classes will be based on the book ‘How to Transform Your Life‘ by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. In this series of classes we will learn inner scientific methods to stay calm, centred and balanced by turning the difficulties of life into opportunities for growth and inner resilience. This inner strength will give us the confidence to respond to our situation wisely and compassionately.
Enabling us to turn all our circumstances into a path to Peace.

Deconstructing our bad mental habits-
Weekly online meditation classes with Steve Givnan Tuesdays 12noon and Bob Banks Fridays at 12noon. These classes run for 40mins.

Saturday Workshops 

Saturday 6th June
10 am – 12:30

Saturday 20th June
10 am – 12:30

Daily Meditations 11am Tuesday to Friday

No daily meditations 25th to 29th
The next class will be w/c 1st June