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Compassion without fatigue

Kadampa Sheffield Meditation

Many of us have a strong wish to benefit others, yet, despite our best intentions, we can sometimes feel our actions have little effect on the world around us.

How is it possible in these uncertain times, to not only avoid ‘compassion fatigue’ but also find tried and trusted methods that guarantee our ability to make a meaningful difference to everyone we encounter?

In this half day workshop, we will discover that far from being a cause of ‘burn out’, the Buddhist teachings on compassion provide an invaluable source of inner strength, energy and self confidence. With practical advice that can be applied immediately to our daily life and guided meditations to help connect us to our loving heart, This course is the perfect antidote for anyone looking for new solutions to age old problems.

Everyone welcome- no prior meditation experience necessary.



Day / Time

Saturday 21st May
10 – 1.00pm

Course level

Suitable for everyone


If you cannot attend due to financial reasons, please contact us using the chat in the bottom corner.


Kadampa Meditation Centre Sheffield
685-691 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, GB S11 8TG


Improved concentration and focus in daily life
Less stress, worry & anxiety
Reduced irritation, anger & frustration
Greater inner peace & happiness
Increased confidence & self-esteem
Improved mental and physical well being
A positive outlook on life & better relationships