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Dealing with uncertainty- A Buddhist Approach 5 Dec


Right now we may find ourself thinking, “Where is it all going? How will things turn out for me? How can we make a better life and a better world?”

We are all living in uncertain times, both globally and personally. It is easy to feel troubled by everything that we see in the world, and upset by the difficulties that we’re dealing with daily. Times of change and uncertainty can be unsettling, but they also can become transformative.

Within Buddhism we find reliable answers to our questions and effective ways to become free from our anxieties and fears. Through meditations and transformative ways of thinking, we can find wisdom and peace in the midst of changing circumstances.

In this half day course with Kelsang Lekchog we will explore practical approaches to the challenges we are facing and how to deal with these changing times with a less stressed and anxious mind.

We invite you to join us for an exploration of meaningful spiritual solutions.
Everyone is welcome!

*if you are unable to afford to pay please contact us using the chat in the bottom corner
We would not like anyone to be excluded..