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Deconstructing Bad Mental Habits – with Steve Givnan 14th July


Deconstructing our bad mental habits
 A weekly meditation online class with  Steve Givnan  at 12noon. These classes run for 40mins.
During this seven week course we will learn:
  • How to identify specific habits of mind that cause us to feel agitated and uncontrolled.
  • Methods to reduce the frequency and severity of these habits.
  • Meditations that enable us to transform harmful ways of thinking into paths that improve our well being, confidence and love for others.
More details:
Have you ever tried to change a certain type of behaviour only to feel guilty later on because you didn’t succeed? It is common to feel overwhelmed by self-defeating habits.
Due to our mental patterns being deeply ingrained, it is often difficult for us to change negative behaviour even when we realise how harmful it is. However, armed with the right tools it becomes entirely possible for us to embrace new ways of thinking that can completely revolutionise how we view ourself.
Steve’s class Tuesday12 noon for 40mins
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