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Fundamentals of Buddhism – with Steve Givnan 22nd September


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A 7 week course starts Tues 8th September | cost £4 per class or why not book the whole month for £20 this includes all classes during the month! (not applicable for in-person classes when we open)

Fundamentals of Buddhism- a weekly meditation online class with Steve Givnan September 8th at 12noon. These classes run for 40mins.

Meditation and mindfulness is extremely popular nowadays, with  elements of Buddhist psychology and philosophy being incorporated into many mainstream self-improvement therapies.

But what is the difference between practices designed to improve your overall well-being and Buddhism?

In this seven week series of classes we will investigate and meditate on the following topics:

*How it is possible to identify, reduce and finally abandon any problematic, negative minds.

*Understanding why things turn out the way the do. (action and effect/karma)

*How it is possible to increase one's love and compassion to include more and more living beings.

*Recognising how the world, as it appears is not how it truly exist.

*What is the Buddhist spiritual path?

All of us without exception seek meaning in our lives. Buddhism affords us the opportunity to open our hearts and realise our true potential for true inner peace and lasting happiness, both for ourselves and others.

The classes consist of guided meditation and teaching. Everyone is welcome to attend this course online.
*if you are unable to afford to pay please contact us using the chat in the bottom corner or info@meditateinsheffield.org.uk
We would not like anyone to be excluded.