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Modern Buddhism

Limitless mind with Gen Chodor

Limitless Mind

An evening talk and meditation 
Friday 9th Sept 7pm-8.15pm | cost £8
with Guest teacher Buddhist monk GEN KELSANG CHODOR
Discover new realms of possibilities!
In this talk Gen Chodor will explain how we can discover our limitless potential.  Leading us on a voyage of discovery of our own mind. Deepening your understanding of the nature of your mind will alter the way you understand yourself, your life and much more…

Gen Chodor is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre London. He has taught extensively in the UK and US. He has a wealth of practical experience of Buddhas teachings and is loved for his warm
and insightful presentations.  

Ocean of Peace day retreat:
Sat 10th Sept. 10am-3.30pm | Cost £25
This is a very special opportunity to experience the deep inner peace that comes from a concentrated mind. When we train in concentration on the nature of our mind we will begin to experience a stillness from within that is like the depths of an ocean.

During this retreat day Gen Chodor will guide beautiful and enriching meditations so we can learn how to develop strong mindfulness and deep concentration on the nature of the mind.  These special teachings of Buddha are presented in a very practical way, that anyone can engage in. The retreat day will be 3 sessions with teachings and guided meditations. All our classes, retreats and events are open to everyone.

Incls. lunch and refreshments.



Day / Time

Friday 9th September
Saturday 10th September

Course level

Suitable for everyone


£8 / £25
If you cannot attend due to financial reasons, please contact us using the chat in the bottom corner.


Kadampa Meditation Centre Sheffield
685-691 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, GB S11 8TG


Improved concentration and focus in daily life
Less stress, worry & anxiety
Reduced irritation, anger & frustration
Greater inner peace & happiness
Increased confidence & self-esteem
Improved mental and physical well being
A positive outlook on life & better relationships