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Love ,desire and Attachment | Saturday 6th June 10am-12.30pm


Do you feel you get tied up in knots with your relationships!  It seems a struggle to love others, to  keep that loving feeling going. We sometimes feel like we give so much and end up disappointed, frustrated or misunderstood. How is it possible to love without pain? How is it possible to have long-lasting friendships and loving relationships with others? Maybe we ask ourselves what is wrong with me or them?

We project people in a certain ideal or at least desirable (for us) way, and then want or even expect them to live up to that. We hold out that they’ll change in the direction we want them to, but this is not realistic.

Through Buddha’s wisdom teachings we can  identify what hinders the growth of our relationships, and what authentic love really is. We can learn to let go of  minds such as neediness, clinging and jealousy which all work to undermine our ability to have harmonious relationships. Often with regards to those we are close to, we have a mix of love and attachment. By developing our wisdom we can learn to identify both, increase our true love for them and reduce and eradicate the deluded mind of attachment so that all our relationships become based on pure love which leads to only happiness.

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