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Meditation for Busy People 20th Oct 2019


In this busy, hectic world that we live in it is becoming increasingly more difficult not to get caught up in the pressures of modern life. Often we feel that we don’t have enough time to get everything done, and by the end of the day we can feel exhausted, stressed or burnt out. Meditation is now scientifically recognised as one of the best methods to reduce stress and develop inner well-being, it also offers so much more than this. Kadampa Buddhist meditation practice is specifically designed for busy modern people like ourselves. It provides techniques that fit perfectly with everyone's way of life, whether we are a parent trying to juggle work and family, a business person always chasing deadlines or simply someone just trying to keep up with daily routine, there is something for everyone. By practising these teachings and meditations we can find solutions to our inner problems that cause us to feel overwhelmed, and find real space and freedom in our life that we never knew possible.