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Overcoming the 8 worldly concerns Sat 17th Oct 10am-12:30


On-line workshop Saturday 17th Oct – 2 sessions 10.00am- 11am / 11.30am – 12.30pm

What are our overriding concerns, anxieties and wants ? Often they appear vividly to us at night time when we are all alone with our mind. Are we concerned about what people think of us? About being the best? Or not being the worst? About losing the things and people we like?

Buddha pointed out that we suffer from what’s called the 8 worldly concerns, being attached to praise, pleasure, good reputation and gain (and aversion to their opposites). These concerns can fill our mind and our life keeping us caught up in the trivialities of life and inducing much anxiety, fear and irritation. They also prevent us from really focusing on what matters – the opportunity to find real happiness from within ourself.  In this workshop, find out more about how these concerns can dominate our life, cause us to be happy and how to become free from them.

In this course, Kelsang Lekchog will explain how we can free ourselves from these debilitating attitudes, so that we can experience true peace in our lives. Everybody is welcome at Kadampa Meditation Center Sheffield! Our classes, events, and retreats are open to everyone from all walks of life.
With inner peace, wisdom, and compassion we can all make a better world now and for generations to come.