Resilience half day meditation workshop

Sat 18th Sept.  10am -12.30pm | cost £10
 with Kelsang Lekchog Principal teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre.
7 day catch up option available.

Learn to free yourself from habitual negative reactions
      Build your resilience and acceptance.
    Life is full of problems and challenges that can sometimes leave us feeling deflated and lacking in hope. Whilst we cannot avoid such difficulties we can learn to develop and grow an inner strength and resilience that means they no longer bring us down or floor us.By training in patience we can perfect the art of transforming all problems abs challenge into opportunities for growth and development. This gives us real strength and real hope.

Find out how to build your own resilience at this workshop. One of six workshops covering the six perfections. 

In this practical based course  we will discover where our real problems come from, how to identify them and how to transform our mind so that we become completely free from them. We gain inner clarity, calm and reliance which empowers us to remain a source of peace in the midst of life’s turbulence.

This workshop is open to everyone no prior experience necessary.


Day / Time

Saturday 18th September 10am-12:30 pm

Course level

Suitable for everyone




In-Person & Online
Available on 7 day Catch-up

Drop in class – booking is recommended but not essential


. In-Person Classes General Information

If you are ill

Please protect others by not coming into the centre.

If you are under the weather for any reason, our online classes and/or courses may be ideal for your needs.

We a limit on how many people can be in the Meditation Room together, so you will need to book in advance. You will asked to provide contact details for test and trace purposes.

Social Distancing/ Keeping Everyone Safe

  • When you arrive, please wash your hands  or use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • The chairs have been set out in the Meditation Room so that everyone apart, and no-one is directly facing anyone else. Please don’t move the chairs
If you cannot attend due to financial reasons, please contact us using the chat in the bottom corner
This class will be live-streamed.  When you have booked below you will be sent a link to access the class. (check Spam folder) If you can’t make the class or wish to see it again, you will have access to the recorded class for 48 hours once the live class has ended via a link that will be sent to you.

We recommend that you find a quiet, comfortable space to get the benefit out of the class. Most importantly, enjoy!

These classes are for everyone in our area of Sheffield. If you live elsewhere you can find your local centre who will be offering livestream classes here


Improved concentration and focus in daily life
Less stress, worry & anxiety
Reduced irritation, anger & frustration
Greater inner peace & happiness
Increased confidence & self-esteem
Improved mental and physical well being
A positive outlook on life & better relationships