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Self Acceptance




Saturday 10th November
Its very common to feel annoyed and frustrated with ourself and to want to be different than we are. Our society and media contribute to a cultural conditioning where we never feel good enough.Over time these feelings and thoughts can become very deeply entrenched and can cause a whole range of self destructive behaviour, depression and lack of confidence.
Buddha taught effective methods that enable us to truly accept ourselves and be at peace with where we are at, our appearance, our life, family, achievements or lack of these factors which we use to measure our success in life. Developing authentic self acceptance is the first step to being able to change and abandon many unhelpful thought patterns.Putting these teachings into practice increases authentic inner confidence and self worth and an improvement in our contentment and relationships.

These workshops embrace meditations and practical advice for everybody taken from Buddha’s teachings. Suitable for beginners and returners. You don’t have to be Buddhist to benefit from this timeless advice.

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