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The Retreats at KMC Sheffield give you the opportunity to enjoy some time to enjoy positive thinking and meditation that help to solve the problems of busy modern life. The Short Retreats give the opportunity to explore Buddha’s teachings in more detail and gain experience through meditation practice. 

A weekend retreat in the country 
2020 dates coming soon

Advanced Retreats


About the Retreat

This 2 day retreat combines the practices of Guru Yoga, which is the gateway to receiving blessings, and Mandala Offerings, which is the gateway to accumulating merit. We need merit (or positive energy) to accomplish our goals. When our mind is merit-rich it is easy to keep a happy mind and to flow through life. In this unguided Buddhist ritual retreat learn how to create and connect with pure worlds and beings through the power of imagination and experience the positive effects in our life and meditation practice.


You are welcome to drop-in to any or all of the retreat. There will be four retreat sessions per day consisting of chanted prayers and silent periods for making mandala offerings. Previous experience is helpful but not essential.


I If you’re new to this practice, please let us know so we can give you some assistance.

Please contact epc@meditateinshefield.co.uk or call 0114 266 1142 if you have any questions.

Saturday  20h July

Session 1 – 09.00–10.15am

Session 2 – 11.30am–12.45pm

Session 3 – 2.30–3.45pm

Session 4 – 7.00pm –  8.15pm


Wishfulfilling Jewel prayers with silent meditation – 5-6pm


Sunday 21st July

Session 5 –   09.00-10.15am

Session 6 – 11.30am-12.45pm

Session 7 – 2.30-3.45pm

Session 8 – 7.00- 8.15pm

Wishfulfilling Jewel prayers with silent meditation – 5-6pm



What is Modern Buddhism?

What happens at a Class?

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