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The Foundation Program (FP)

Foundation Programme (FP) is an ongoing, weekly course on Buddhism and meditation. The course is suitable for anyone with interest in deepening their understanding of Buddhist meditation and wisdom.

The Programme consists of a dynamic combination of teachings, meditation and discussion, all of which enable us to go deeper into the layers of meaning within each book that we study. All of this helps us to make real progress along our spiritual path. Each class consists of preliminary prayers, guided meditation and reading from the book with commentary and discussion.

There are many benefits to joining the Foundation Programme namely:

  • Increased personal insight, wisdom and experience of Dharma (Buddha’s teachings)
  • Studying and meditating more effectively following a specially-designed programme and qualified meditation teacher
  • An opportunity to discuss and ask questions
  • Help, support and friendship from like-minded people
  • Gain the ability to integrate Buddha’s instructions into busy modern life.

Day / Time

Tuesday 7pm Eight steps to Happiness 

Sunday  4pm How to Understand the Mind

Course level

A more in-depth Class


Enrollment monthly 


KMC Sheffield
685-691 Ecclesall Road
S11 8TG

Kelsang Lekchog is the Resident Teacher here at KMC Sheffield. Her warmth and kindness show in her teachings , and she is able to explain clearly Buddha’s profound teachings in a way that is suitable for everyone. Her having studied extensively on the Special Teacher Training Programme for many years make her very qualified. She teaches both the Foundation Program classes 

How to Understand the Mind

 Starting Sunday October 13th

This book offers us deep insight into our mind, and shows how an understanding of its nature and functions can be used practically in every day experience to improve our lives. Part 1 is a practical guide to developing and maintaining a light, positive mind – showing how to recognize and abandon states of mind that harm us, and to replace them with peaceful and beneficial ones. Part 2 describes different types of mind in detail, revealing the depth and profundity of
the Buddhist understanding of the mind.

It concludes with a detailed explanation of meditation, showing how by controlling and transforming our mind we can attain a lasting state of joy, independent of external conditions.



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Eight Steps to Happiness


This inspiring book explains how to meditate on eight beautiful verses that comprise one of Buddhism’s best loved teachings, Eight Verses of Training the Mind, which has inspired generations of Buddhist practitioners for almost a thousand years.  Composed by the great Tibetan Bodhisattva, Geshe Langri Tangpa

This book gives a practical and uplifting step by step explanation on how we can transform our mind from a negative state into a positive state through training our mind in the meditations on love, compassion, and wisdom.
We will also learn how we can transform our day-to-day lives -including even the most demanding and difficult situations – into opportunities for personal and spiritual development.